The idea for this book developed slowly, over time. It grew out of questions we received from people trying to separate climate change fact from fiction. It came from conversations with friends who wanted to know the "truth" about climate change from a fellow Christian, someone they could trust. It was fed by discussions with colleagues, who wanted to understand the "religious position" on climate change from someone they knew was a Christian.

As we have listened to our friends, colleagues, and the people around us, we've realized we have an incredible opportunity to speak out on one of the most pressing issues facing our generation. Most Christians are not scientists, and it's hard to say how many scientists are Christians. In our family, we have both.

Katharine studies how climate change will affect the places we live. Andrew pastors a church in Texas where many Christians just don't buy into the whole global warming thing. Together, we have talked to Christians all over the country who are asking whether or not climate change is real. They want to know if it's a genuine crisis that requires our attention or if the whole thing is just a lot of smoke and mirrors. They also want to know what the Bible says, if anything, about a Christian response.






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