Looking for a book with information and suggestions on how to reduce your emissions, improve our quality of life, and save money?

Here are some good ones:

Looking for my climate change slides?

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Need answers to questions about science of climate-change - anything from why were there grapes in Greenland way back when, to why is it snowing more over Antarctica now?

You'll find them at How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic.

What to see what climate scientists are talking about these days?

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Interested in reading what different groups from the National Academy of Science to the Evangelical Climate Initiative are saying about climate change?

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What is the IPCC and why does it matter?

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Here's the latest on climate change science, climate change impacts, and climate change mitigation options.

Want to find out more about the climate impacts our research has found that we can expect in California, the Northeast, or the Great Lakes?

Want to figure out what your carbon footprint is?

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Want to know how much the U.S. must cut its emissions to save us from potentially dangerous impacts from climate change over the coming century?

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