Bike to work. Hug a tree. Eat granola. Live off the grid. Wear hemp. Bathe in a stream. And worship the earth.

Go ahead. Label us - just because we think global warming is a serious problem that you should know about.

But here's who we really are.

We're Christians. We don't worship the earth. We worship the Creator of the universe. We believe that God spoke the world into existence and sustains it by His power. We believe that Jesus Christ is the way to eternal life, that the Bible is God?s Word, and that nothing compares to the importance of the gospel message.

Now, for what we don't believe. We don't believe the universe came into existence through random chance. We don't believe that life came from nothing or that humans evolved from apes.

We believe in common sense. We believe in the sensible progression from older to newer technologies. Yes, we live in a house with air conditioning. We drive cars. We don't have solar panels on our roof (too expensive), and we're not vegetarians (meat is just too tasty).

Don't worry - we're not going to try to convince you that Earth is four billion years old or that it's young, but with the appearance of age. Even we, the authors, disagree on that one.

Climate change is about thermometers and temperatures. It's about what's been happening on our planet since the Industrial Revolution. It's Chemistry 101. Now, can we talk about global warming?

(from the Preface of A Climate for Change)


















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